Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moving up. Hopefully.

We're in serious talks to move our downtown store to a skyway location. We're currently on the street level of a mall. An OK location, but anyone who works in downtown Minneapolis knows that the action is on the skyway level. (Which reminds me of one of my favorite Replacements songs.)

I'm nervous because the rent per square feet is double what we pay at the Northeast Minneapolis store. But it's small, which makes it affordable to us. It will also get much, much more foot traffic in the winter, compared to our NE location. This is important, considering our winters (which I don't think are really that bad, but that's probably because I grew up here and don't know any better).

The leasing agent is trying to figure out how much TA they can provide. TA stands for "tenant allowance," which is the amount they'll give us to make the space look nice and pretty, the way a baby store is supposed to look. In exchange for TA, we will probably need to sign a 5 year lease, plus the rights to our first-born. Good thing we adopted.

I get slightly terrifed thinking about committing to a 5-year lease in a high-rent space, so I'm going to stop now and instead post some photos that are in my inspiration folder for a new store.


April said...

Love the last photo!! Looks like some antique shopping would get you well on your way to these looks!

Alison Rae said...
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Alison Rae said...

Love all the photos. A new store would be amazing. Best of luck!