Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes, that was my toddler screaming on the plane

We had a lovely 5 days in Florida last week with my in-laws. We ate ice cream.

We walked to the beach almost every day.

And we played in the sand to our heart's content.

Unfortunately, the plane ride home was not so lovely. We sat on the tarmac for about 40 minutes before takeoff. This means we blew through one or two toys that were supposed to keep Nico occupied for the duration of the flight. Next time I'm taking at least 3 extra toys. And a bag of lollipops. I guess surviving the 20 hour flight from Korea made me a bit overconfident.

Anyway, Nico melted down for about 3 minutes, complete with kicking and screaming. I noticed a lady in front of us turned around and gave us "the look." OK, I get it - she was annoyed. I've been there. But don't I get any credit for keeping a squirmy 2-year-old quiet the other 3.5 hours?

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